A Single Solution to Universal Data Security Problems

VaultChain™ is a technology-agnostic solution to protect all types of data. From the individual consumer to government entities and enterprise systems, VaultChain™ can protect you from unwanted data theft.
"Whoever gets to true quantum computing first will be able to negate all the encryption that we’ve ever done to date."- Chairman of the House IT Subcommittee
"When something is two years out and has the opportunity to so radically change the world, that is what venture investing is all about."- Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
"We hope to update [crypto] standards by 2022 to 2023"- NIST


for Cryptocurrencies / Blockchain

Billions of dollars of Cryptocurrencies are stolen every year; VaultChain™ secures crypto, crypto exchanges, transactions, and wallets for end-to-end safety of your crypto finances.


for Quantum Computing

VaultChain™ is quantum computer-proof and able to protect government and enterprise-level data, far exceeding anything encryption can do.


for Social Media

Take control back of your data. VaultChain™ allows you to control your data even across public social network platforms and email at the consumer level.


for Cloud & IoT

VaultChain™ can provide quantum computer-proof security to any cloud app, it is technology agnostic which means it can protect everything from your smart TV to your cloud-based email application.


VaultChain™ Patents

VaultChain™ is a single solution to the universal data security problems. Whether you want to protect financial databases, medical records, the global energy industry, blockchain, or any other data, VaultChain™ is the solution.

The technology behind VaultChain™ is protected by 7 United States Patents that have been cited Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Verizon, Bank of America, eBay, SAP, Sony, and more.

VaultChain™ can be layered on top of any existing technology making it not quantum-resistant but quantum-proof.

VaultChain™ solves the security problem with something radically different from traditional encryption methodologies. The concept is simple - if hackers cannot find the data, they cannot decrypt the data. VaultChain™ has been tested by financial institutions, is fast, simple and effective. VaultChain™:

Protects against both conventional and quantum computer attacks

Warns owners of hacking attempts with Embedded Forensics

Provides customizable biometric security authentication